Animal Protection League

Support the Stockton Animal Shelter and the community it serves.

The mission of the Animal Protection League is to support the Stockton Animal Shelter and the community it serves.


Animal Protection league

APL holds off-site adoption events for homeless animals from the Shelter and raises money to assist the Shelter in purchasing equipment, supplies and helps to provide public spay/neuter services to the community.


Your financial contributions to the Animal Protection League (APL) are used in many ways. Pet food, cat litter, pet toys, cleaning supplies, medication, spay and neuter surgeries and veterinary care are just some of the things that we always need to take care of our animals. Your support allows us to keep homeless animals healthy and happy!

  • Rescue Efforts

    Rescue Efforts

    Help the Animal Protection League save stray and abandoned animals.

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  • Foster Animals

    Foster Animals

    People who foster animals take on the costs and burdens of these pets while an adoptive home...

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  • Adoption of Animals

    Adoption of Animals

    Good animals deserve good homes, but finding these homes can be costly and time consuming.

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