Citizens Partner to Fight Crime in Stockton

Work in partnership with the people of Stockton to build a safe and secure community.


The formation of the Stockton Police Foundationallows the Stockton Police Department to accept private donations and will allow active fundraising to occur. It is believed that the funding of critical technology and equipment will greatly assist the Stockton Police Department with their mission.


Stockton Police Foundation

The funding of a part-time transportation officer program will not only be ground-breaking, but will enhance our efficiency greatly. A police foundation is a private, nonprofit organization governed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Section 501(c)(3) (and related statutes under the State Revenue and Taxation Code) making contributions to the organization tax deductible. A police foundation allows law enforcement agencies to acquire funding for projects, programs, equipment, and technology that may be out of reach or otherwise outside funding of the General Fund.


The Stockton Police Foundation’s original priority was to create and operate, through donations, the Transportation Officer Program whereby part-time officers transport arrestees to the County Jail, freeing up patrol officers time to get them back on the street. The Transportation Officer Program is still a high priority for the Police Department. There are other possible programs in the future where the foundation may help, including an air support program.

  • Taser


    Tasers are an important tool for police officers, a nonlethal weapon used to subdue fleeing or belligerent...

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  • ShotSpotter Technology

    ShotSpotter Technology

    ShotSpotter alerts police officers of gunshots by providing real-time data to dispatch and police officers.  

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  • Other Equipment

    Other Equipment

    Having the latest in law enforcement technology allows the police force to better serve the Stockton community.

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  • Mobile Field Force Equipment

    Mobile Field Force Equipment

    Mobile Field Forces are trained to respond to public safety emergencies in a rapid, disciplined, and organized...

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  • Body Worn Cameras

    Body Worn Cameras

    Donate to assist Stockton Police Foundation in providing body-worn cameras to police officers.

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Gun crime doesn’t matter unless it results in a homicide or gunshot wound.


For every homicide committed with a gun, there are more than 100 gunfire incidents. To make neighborhoods safe, it is essential to employ a system that delivers an accurate and real-time picture of gun crime.