The K-9 unit was established in 1959

The K-9 Connection would not be possible without generous donations.


All the canines, both past and present, are purchased by their canine handlers. In the late 1980’s Stockton K9 Association was established to assist officers in purchasing dogs, to purchase equipment for training and to help care for our retired canine dogs.


Stockton Police K9 Connection

The Stockton K9 Connection also reaches out to the community. The K9 teams are very popular with local school and community groups and often provide demonstrations. This is an important part of our outreach efforts as it allows us to not only demonstrate the abilities of our K9 unit but to deliver a message on crime prevention at the same time. Furthermore, it is a great opportunity for people to talk to the officers and further build community-police partnerships.


The Stockton Police K-9 handlers face several financial hurdles each year. Not only are handlers responsible for purchasing their own Police K-9’s with an average cost of $7,000 to $10,000, but they are also responsible for purchasing their own equipment such as collars, leashes and harnesses. This can be costly for officers who already face budget cuts.

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Stockton Police K-9 Connection

The Stockton Police K-9 Connection is a tax exempt non-profit organization comprised of active and retired Stockton Police K-9 handlers who strive to provide our K-9’s, both active and retired, with the best possible care, training and equipment as well as reach out to our community.